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Luckpump Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 1970s, with its headquarters in Taipei.

We are the first professional manufacturer engaging in constant pressure booster pumps water-supply system in Taiwan. In 1987, the 1st generation of our pump was born and was installed in Linkou Gymnasium, Taoyuan. Luckpump has come a long way since the launch of the first generation; this year, the 16th generation H-L dual constant pressure V.S.D. pump has just released to the world.

We have earned our reputation by selling good quality products and providing great services over the years. Luckpump has always had a very strong emphasis on product innovation and technology leadership. We have whole teams of people specializing in hydraulics, electronics and electromechanical dedicate to research and development. Luckpump develops and manufactures its products, such as constant pressure controller, pressure transmitter, control panel and interface with CPU.
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