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Successful Cases

Successful cases
Sky Tower Auckland, New Zealand
Correctional Facilities Bermuda
L.F. Wade International Airport Bermuda
KLASH Knitted Garments Manufacturer Pakistan
Sentosa Hotel Shanghai, China
Tomson Golf Villas Shanghai, China
Tongli Lake Resort Suzhou, China
Taipei 101 Building Taiwan
Taipei Metro Stations Taiwan
Taoyuan International Airport Taiwan
Asia Kindom Machinery Inductry Corp. Taiwan
Formosa Plastic Group Nan Ya Printed Circuit Board Corp. Taiwan
Formosa Plastic Group Steel Mill Vietnam
Hansoll Textile & Global Dyeing Corp. Vietnam
Factory, Gymnasium, SPA, Villas, Water treatment, Boiler, Oil-station, Skyscraper…… Wherever lacks of water and pressure, we can meet their demand and keep them satisfied

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