Resolving the issues in the water tank room

Resolving problems in mechanical room – Adopting Intra-tube Booster Pump

Resolving the problems in mechanical room
  • Pump room in the basement
  • Water tank room on the middle floor
  • Water tank room on the top floor
  • Residential building
Problems of inappropriate design of mechanical room
  • Requiring huge pressurized storage tank
  • Noise from water pipes and water tank while pumps are filling water tank
  • Noise and excessive vibration from big horsepower pumps
  • Wasting space due to big pumps
We provide complete pumping solutions
  • Constant pressure V.S.D. control system
    Free from reservoir, water tank and water pipe noise
  • Fanless cooling system for quiet operation
    Using water flow to bring away the heat from motor
  • Limited space requirement for installation
    Saving up to 75% of installation space
  • Great energy saving
    Optimizing comfort and energy efficiency
Quiet, Intelligent, and High Quality
LuckPump Constant Pressure Controller
The most optimal water supply system
Constant Pressure with Variable Speed Drive (V.S.D.) SDP series
Other brands
Variable frequency drive (V.F.D.) Intra tube Pump
Feature of Constant Pressure V.S.D Controller Quality of Inverter Specially developed inverter Precise pressure control Run at maximum capacity Fast reaction time General inverter Inability to maintain constant pressure Slow reaction time
Cooling System Fanless cooling system for silent operation Fan creates a loud buzzing and irritating noise all the time
System Reliability To ensure the system works well, the controller provides multiple protections Auto stop when water not in use Leakage detection & compensation Temperature detection Pump dry-run protection No water & lost pressure protection No protection provided
Design of Intra-tube pump Piping Diameter Suitable for large diameter pipe (170mm for 1HP/2HP) Large water storage capacity can reduce motor noise Only suitable for small pipes Generating a lot of motor noise due to small water storage capacity
Pump Set Motor and pump are connected by a coaxial An one-piece structure can prevent unnecessary noise Motor and pump have its own axle and are connected by a gear, which generates a lot of noise
Evaluation Patent & Certification ISO 9001 certification Patent of constant pressure variable speed inverter control booster pump in multiple countries, e.g. Taiwan, China, United States and South Korea Unreliable systems, poor quality and low-price assembled pumps
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